In the blog you can discover the latest trends in digital physiotherapy and tele-rehabilitation. We talk to experts, present Trak use cases or show the best exercises for each pathology, etc.

If you are a physiotherapist and want to be updated about digital physiotherapy, this is your place.

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Digital physiotherapy

Event: TRAK leads the way in digital physiotherapy Before we begin this update on what took place at yesterday's event, we would like to thank you on behalf of the entire TRAK team for your attendance! With you we reaffirm our work as a company: to work for the evolution[...]

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Transformación digital en fisioterapia

TRAK.EVENT: Digital transformation in physiotherapy and rehabilitation As we told you a few weeks ago, digital health is a booming discipline that is increasingly implemented in our society. Video-consultations, access to medical records via applications, appointment booking via web, etc. What seemed unthinkable before is happening today thanks to the[...]

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E-health: Health and applied technology In these times when the Internet has turned the planet into a global village, the fact that technology is here and here to stay is indisputable. The technification of our reality encompasses the most recondite points of our daily routine. From making our coffee to[...]

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chronic pain

Addressing chronic pain in physiotherapy On the occasion of our intervention at the congress of the SED (Spanish Pain Society) we do not want to miss the opportunity to talk about chronic pain and the role of physiotherapy and exercise in its alleviation and cure. Let us remember that pain[...]

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low back pain

8 Exercises to relieve low back pain and strengthen your back It is undeniable that one of the pathologies for which most patients come, not only to physiotherapy clinics, but also to doctors' offices, is the wrongly called low back pain, a generic name that serves as a catch-all for[...]

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exercise in the hospital

Exercise in the hospital: Implementing exercise protocols in the ward We have already mentioned in other posts how important is the application of a therapeutic exercise protocol in physiotherapy treatment. The application of our own exercise protocols when we are in private practice is simple because we fully manage the[...]

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