The evolution of the platform

TRAK was created to become a benchmark for online physiotherapy and digital health. Since its inception, its objective has been the awareness and education of the health sector in terms of digitalization, as well as the implementation of a digital work methodology in the field of health.

We are totally convinced that therapeutic exercise is one of the best medicines, applicable to a multitude of pathologies with the aim of palliating and improving people’s health.

In this way, observing the huge gap that existed between traditional rehabilitation and the digital world, we decided to create a solution that would help physiotherapists to maintain consultations and monitor treatments remotely, so that we broke with that concept of face-to-face that physiotherapy seemed to demand, thanks to implementing telerehabilitation.

Not so long ago we published a series of entries about the main functionalities of the platform:

  1. A complete library of more than 550 exercises.
  2. The possibility to create your own protocols or to choose some of our protocols supported by professionals in the sector.
  3. Assessment tools integrated into the platform such as virtual goniometric tests or questionnaires.
  4. A direct line of communication between the physical therapist and the patient.
  5. The flagship of our platform, its artificial intelligence, capable of following patient movements in real time and correcting them through voice commands or on-screen alerts.


Accessible and quality online physiotherapy

The main reason why we want to make this blog post is to show you that the application is more alive than ever and that we continue working to improve day by day, thanks to the feedback of our users and all our collaborators.

Modification of the alert system and improvement of artificial intelligence

Now our artificial intelligence is able to find out exactly if the patient is in front of the camera or not, so that it will interrupt the treatment automatically if the patient abandons it, preventing the system from registering an erroneous end of the session.

Similarly, if for some reason the patient did not move during the session, the system would also interrupt the execution of the treatment.


Improved experience and valuation tools

The rehabilitation experience has been modified to make it more intuitive for the patient and to be done easily and comfortably. We have modified the balance sheets, increasing their accuracy.

In addition, a multitude of scales have been included that can be prescribed for better patient monitoring and that can be filled out and sent from the same application.

We remind you that all these data are reflected later in the metrics section, providing the physiotherapist with a global vision of the patient’s evolution.


Maximum integration into systems

One of the most important features of our application is its ability to integrate into any of our clients’ platforms. In this way, there is no difficulty when implementing TRAK in the work methodology of our users.

Our technical team guarantees the maximum integration of our platform in any system and at several levels:

  1. When creating a patient in your medical record, a user will be generated in TRAK via our REST API, sending him at the same time an access e-mail, so that you will only have to enter the platform to prescribe your protocol
  2. Once the user has been created in TRAK, you can embed our application in yours with our white label Iframes microservice. You will be able to fully customize your TRAK platform with your company logo and the range of colors that best suits your brand!
  3. Get reports in your medical records in the form of PDF, with information about the session and the metrics generated in it. This way you can save all the monitoring and progression of your patient in one place so you can consult it when you need it.

As you can see, our telerehabilitation application continues to grow to provide a better service to patients and all health professionals, guaranteeing universal and accessible care.

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