Digital, safe and quality rehabilitation

AI powered digital rehabilitation and patient monitoring software for healthcare professionals

What is TRAK?

Offers an AI-assisted tele-rehabilitation service.

TRAK technology uses the camera of the cell phone, tablet or laptop to monitor the exercise to be performed, correcting incorrect movements and positions in real time.

Monitor the evolution of your patients

Trak is the tool for healthcare professionals like you to prescribe quality digital treatments to their patients.

trak la aplicacion de fisioterapia

Discover tele-rehabilitation

Improve your practice

Assists the patient in the execution of the exercises and controls 100% of the recovery process.

More patients in less time

Prescribe treatments in less than 1 minute and serve more patients simultaneously.


Offer state-of-the-art technology for your patients, don’t be left out!

TRAK Benefits


Increases productivity

With Trak, a healthcare professional can offer up to 4 times more treatments.


Reduces service costs

Digital rehabilitation can reduce service costs by up to half.


Adherence to treatment

Trak guarantees a treatment adherence of up to 67% compared to 24% in the last evaluation.


Patient satisfaction

Improving the patient’s rehabilitation experience through gamification.

Technology has never been so easy to use

Discover the advantages of tele-rehabilitation

They rely on TRAK

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trak is a tele-rehabilitation and monitoring application for healthcare professionals. It is a tool to prescribe therapeutic exercise programs and monitor the patient’s evolution with objective metrics.

In addition, Trak’s artificial intelligence is able to identify the patient’s articular points to offer virtual assistance.