The digital physiotherapy tool for hospitals and clinics

TRAK.Physio is the telerehabilitation and patient monitoring tool adapted to rehabilitation professionals.

What is digital physiotherapy?

The method of clinical assessment and prescription of treatments at a distance, that is, without the need for the patient to be present in person.

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Increase Productivity

With TRAK technology you will make your rehabilitation service more efficient, enabling your professionals to treat more patients in less time.

Increase treatment adherence

Thanks to TRAK monitoring, patients will feel accompanied at all times and their exercise adherence will increase.

Offers AI guided tele rehabilitation

With TRAK’s technology, through the camera of the cell phone, tablet or laptop, the workout to be performed is monitored and guided using proven accuracy AI.

Reduced service costs

TRAK. Physio is able to reduce up to 50% of the costs of your rehabilitation service in terms of travel and time.

Patient compliance

The value of our tool by patients is 9’2/10, being one of the digital health tools best scored by users.

Monitor the progress of patients

TRAK incorporates digital goniometric balances to study the patients’ ROM, as well as scales that help the professional to know the patients’ condition.


Hybrid recovery

Complete traditional treatment with digital sessions with TRAK

Reduce recovery times through intensive treatment using digital and manual sessions.

To free up the physiotherapist’s workload and increase the quality of care in face-to-face sessions.

Reduced travel and cost savings, leading to greater comfort for the patient.


Digital recovery

Treatment of low complexity pathology by combining video calls with healthcare professionals with digital sessions.

Reduction of up to 60% of costs per patient.

Nationwide service cover.

Results with Egarsat

  • Reduced of absence days (40 to 37)
  • Reduced number of sessions (14 to 8)


Preventive protocols

Preventive protocols and treatment of low complexity patients.

Promotion of exercise and health for Grünenthal patients.

Prevention of future diseases


Work health

Preventive protocols and treatment of low complexity patients.

Promotion of therapeutic exercise to reduce absence days.

Optimization of resources and management of a greater number of patients with the same resources.

Injury prevention after medical examinations or scales.

Successful cases


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