Physiotherapy and rehabilitation during your summer holidays

Indeed, physiotherapists also rest (if they let us). During the summer, patients do not stop and begin to do all kinds of outdoor activities, which can increase the appearance of injuries.

From TRAK we would like to leave you some typical advice that you can give to your patients for this summer:

  1. If your patients are one of those who enjoy “walking“, don’t forget to remind them to warm up their muscles before going hiking or mountaineering and to stretch after finishing the sporting activity.
  2. See that they watch the loads and teach them how to handle heavy weights.
  3. When they go swimming, remind them of the importance of warming up in the water as well. Swimming is one more sport, no matter how “cool it is”.
  4. If many runners come to your clinic, remind them that they should hydrate frequently and not go running during the hottest hours.
  5. Teach your patients trying to recover from an injury to protect the area with an orthosis or bandage but always remembering to complete their therapeutic exercise treatment.

Having said that, on this occasion I would like to put aside the ins and outs of digitization, the shocking economic numbers or the future plans of the WHO to talk about you, who are taking a break to have a second coffee in the middle of the morning or have just finished to close the blind of your clinic at 9:30 p.m. because the last patient has arrived late.

Because if we physiotherapists don’t lack something, it’s work, especially when we have our own business, we know that summer is that time of the year when the announcements for festivals and the news about crowded beaches all they tell you is that most of your patients go on vacation.

So, let’s take a closer look: your patient volume is likely to drop because most of them move or travel during the summer. In addition, if you send them some type of treatment, it is most likely that between the umbrella and the beach bar they will not comply with it, drastically reducing their adherence to your treatment. And, on the other hand, (and in the worst case) it is possible that the situation makes you seriously consider hanging the “CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS” sign on the door of your clinic.

But before you leave the page because I’m leaving your spirits on the ground, I’ll confess something to you: I lied to you. Yes, I am here to talk to you about digitization.

If you have felt identified with what you have just read, I will tell you that all the problems that I have raised can vanish in one fell swoop with a telerehabilitation solution like TRAK. What problems? You will ask yourself. Well, the ones that I am going to land in the following points.

Telerehabilitation on vacation

If one of the problems that is on your mind is the continuity of your treatments and the loyalty of your patients, I will tell you simply: with our solution, you will not only ensure that patients comply with their therapeutic exercise treatment, but also that you will be able to monitor your progress, make assessments and know how you have exercised at a glance.

With TRAK, your patients will feel accompanied by you at all times, anytime and anywhere. But how does it work?

TRAK is the tele-rehabilitation software for the prescription of therapeutic exercise sessions. It includes an artificial intelligence algorithm capable of identifying up to 20 joint points in the human body to analyze movement and correct the patient in real time. For this you only need the camera of a laptop or smartphone, making it an accessible and economical technology. In addition, the session is recorded and the mobility, range and strength data is sent to the professional for personalized patient monitoring.

You can try the rehabilitation experience on the website of one of our best clients, Grunenthal. Click on this link and try our digital rehabilitation solution:

And what happens during my holidays?

You will be able to program the exercise protocols for your patients, adapting them to their condition and pathology and making sure that your clinic continues to function while you rest with a new business model: Your own telematic assistance business.

Create a digital physiotherapy service and monetize telerehabilitation!

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