Telemedicine: Keys to digitalization in medicine and rehabilitation


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This eBook will introduce you to such new and essential concepts as telecare and telerehabilitation and will teach you how to create your own service step by step. From video consultation, through monitoring, to discharge.

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A guide to help you understand the application of digitalization to create a digital phyiotherapy service

Process and service automation


APPs in healthcare

AI and health

Gamification in healthcare

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For healthcare professionals

If you are a healthcare professional and you want to create an online telecare and online physiotherapy service, don’t miss this content.

Don’t know how to get started in digitalization por would you like to learn about digital physiotherapy? We give you the keys to understand the basic concepts, while showing you the best current solutions.

Digitalization, rehabilitation and health

WHO defines telemedicine as “the provision of health services, where distance is a critical factor, by health professionals through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis, treatment, disease prevention, research and evaluation and for the continuing education of health professionals, all with the ultimate aim of improving the health of the population and communities”.

It is undeniable that, as in any area of our lives, technology has burst into the health sector modifying habits, protocols, work methodologies, treatments and patient monitoring.

Similarly, digital medicine represents not only the advancement of medical science, but also a giant step forward in terms of social and socio-health benefits, empowering patients and making them participants in their own treatment.

These are some of the reasons why hospitals and clinics, healthcare organisations and national health systems are focusing their attention on implementing digital solutions to our current healthcare problems.

The latest analyses of current telemedicine and digital health policies identified challenges in areas such as reimbursement of healthcare investments, security and privacy.

They suggest that more regulatory work is needed in the areas of operationalisation, implementation and international legislation.

Therefore, collaboration and cooperation between health systems is needed to generate adequate regulation and for countries to realise the benefits of implementing these technologies.

Germany and Belgium are leading the way in making their medical applications market more accessible.

Global trends would indicate a broad international convergence in terms of transparency, health content, interoperability, privacy and security, and finding ways to offer apps through different channels, such as national portals or through an app directory.

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