Personalized monthly exercise routine

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45€ 35€

Monthly subscription

The monthly subscription service will allow you to complete an exercise plan on a continuous and scheduled basis so that you always have it at your disposal on a recurring basis. By choosing this type of treatment you can save yourself unnecessary travel and choose the hours that best suit your day to day.

Thanks to a platform of exercises guided by Artificial Intelligence you will be able to carry out a personalized routine with postural control and corrections in real time. In addition, the team of medical specialists will be able to monitor your performance in the sessions and propose modifications in the treatment based on your sensations of pain and difficulty of the sessions.

  • The routines are carried out through an App that will help you exercise in an autonomous and controlled way thanks to an artificial intelligence system.
  • The same App generates some metrics so that you can follow the evolution of your exercises.
  • The program consists of a monthly routine
  • The price does not include follow-up by a professional.