Juan Carlos Andrade: e-Sports and digital physiotherapy



How are esports and physiotherapy integrated?


That’s the question it answers Juan Carlos Andrade, expert in sports rehabilitation and pioneer in the integration of esports and physiotherapy. Discover with us his IPK methodology to treat and monitor his elite athletes through online physiotherapy.

What's inside?

A webinar that show you how eSports work and what role physiotherapy plays in them

What are eSports and why are they considered a sport?

Get to know IPK, the integrative treatment method of Juan Carlos Andrade

How is the treatment of an elite distance athlete directed?

Ranking of the most influential professionals in healthcare today

Who is the webinar for?

For healthcare professionals

If you are a healthcare professional and want to digitize your physiotherapy service to treat your athletes, even if they are in another country, this webinar is for you.

Esports and physiotherapy: a possible match


In the past, gamers were seen as people who spent all day glued to the screen and who lacked social and eating habits without exercising.

Today, taking care of their body and following a diet and physical routine are the components so that these elite players can give 100% in each of their competitions.

Nutrition, physical preparation and physiotherapy should be fundamental ingredients of this comprehensive assistance. Specifically, physiotherapy is essential for the recovery of these players, as elite athletes who spend many hours competing and training.

Gamers perform sustained postures and repetitive gestures that often impair their physical abilities. This is where physiotherapists come in, collaborating with a wide range of solutions.

    • The first thing these physiotherapists do is help the players to make them aware of how their bodies work and thus be able to give them the treatment they deserve. Ergonomics and posture is the first step that physical therapists let esports players know, since they spend a lot of time in a chair and the best posture for this is the least hard.
    • Secondly, as physiotherapists, if we know which parts are harmed by the reiteration of gestures, we can prevent the appearance of injuries. The need to analyze game postures and create adapted routines can help reduce the impact of these gestures on your body and thus prevent serious injuries that could make it difficult for these players to appear in their next tournament.
    • Finally, if we observe the benefit of active breaks, we can take advantage of them to perform toning exercises, especially for those more inactive muscle groups and stretching or mobility, for those muscle groups that do participate more.

The methodology of Ebiometrics

The methodology that Juan Carlos Andrade proposes and provides to his eSports players is an IPK methodology, which is a holistic treatment method that integrates manual therapies such as physiotherapy and osteopathy together with most advanced technology in elite sports medicine, always in a unique way for each eSports player and personalized to each game position and type of esports that our athlete performs, comments the co-founder of eBiometrics Juan Carlos Andrade on his website.

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