Postpartum maintenance

Consultation and exercise program with follow-up

80€ 46€

During the postpartum stage, it is necessary to recover the body physically and mentally. For this reason, thanks to this service focused on postpartum recovery, you will be able to address issues related to the control of alterations derived from postpartum and prevent possible complications. During these sessions you will have the follow-up of a pelvic floor specialist physiotherapist who will carry out the personalized programming of the exercise and will accompany you in your recovery.

  • Assessment of the general and specific state of the pelvic floor musculature
  • Respiratory control techniques and pain management
  • Physical reconditioning and pelvic floor exercises
  • 4 online physiotherapy video consultations
  • Access to an App to carry out proposed exercises
  • Tracking through metrics
  • Direct communication with your physiotherapist